Let’s Talk Makeup Trends: Foil Lips

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Happy mid week, I’m back with the second instalment where I test out current makeup trends from fashion shows, social media or just every day life and today we’re going to be talking about and testing out the foil lip trend.

Foil lips by makeup artist Kabuki at the Jeremy Scott Spring/Summer 2019 show.

Chances are you will own a foiled eyeshadow in your makeup collection, the metallic or foil effect in the centre or even swept all over the lid is well known, but does it work on the lips? The amazing makeup artist Kabuki created a gorgeous lip for the Jeremy Scott Spring/Summer 2019 show recently. He used a lip pencil then a mixing medium and then used a glitter pigment by pressing it on the lips.

Foil lips by makeup artist Kabuki at the Jeremy Scott Spring/Summer 2019 show.

The images I have seen have all been rose gold or silver so I wanted to play around with a copper shade. For my look I started by using a copper nail foil with a lip adhesive which was a totally fail, it didn’t adhere to my lips at all and ended up making my lip all sore!I don’t recommend you try it at home.

I then tried a more successful method by using a metallic finish liquid lipstick from Lime Crime in shade Lana then pressing a small amount of loose pigment from MAC in the shade Copper Sparkle whilst the lips were still tacky. As you can see above they came out so pigmented and because the pigment is very fine and dry it set into the lipstick and didn’t budge!

I absolutely love this trend, it looks so gorgeous on the lips. What do you think of this trend? Let me know in the comments below!

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New In Skincare: Dermalogica’s Newest Moisturisers

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I hope you’ve all had a great weekend! I went away to Dorset to visit the monkeys at Monkey World and it was so much fun!

In today’s post I will be talking about two new products from a brand that I’ve recently discovered and have fallen in love with. Just after Christmas I was asked to become a Dermalogica Skinfluencer and was sent a huge lot of goodies, I had never tried the brand before but had heard so many great things. Fast forward a few months and my skin is looking so clear and smooth thanks to my new skincare routine. I was recently sent both their new moisturises and have been loving them and wanted to share them with you beauties!

Disclaimer– The products in this post were gifted to me as part of the Skinfluencer program. As always reviews are honest and my own.

Before I get into the reviews I want to go into a bit of background on my skin, from age 12 to age 19 I had hormonal acne which was a huge source of anxiety for me. I hated my skin and tried so many products and ways to get rid of my scars and breakouts. I’m 26 now and have spent the past 7 years finding out what works best for my skin, I finally have skin I am happy with thanks to trial and error and some amazing products. I rarely get spots now (unless it’s time of the month) and my skin is smoother than ever although I do have dry skin that does require a lot of moisture.

Dermalogica Prisma Protect SPF30 moisturiser

Starting with the newest launch from Dermalogica and the cream that has become my new day moisturiser is the Prisma Protect. This is different from your average moisturiser as it is light activated and provides broad spectrum defence whilst preventing future skin damage. It boosts skins natural luminosity by drone technology that also helps protect skin from pollution. Broad Spectrum Defense SPF30 provides protection from UV damage and moisture magnets provide that all day hydration that my skin needs.

This has a rich scent to it, kind of like a more fruity sun cream and has a thin texture. It sinks into the skin leaving my skin with a dewy glow and looking fresh and plump and keeps my skin looking hydrated during the day. I love the way this sits underneath my makeup, it’s light enough for a day cream and it’s great knowing my skin is being protected underneath from the sun by the SPF30.

This costs £58 for 50ml.

Dermalogica Intense Moisture Balance moisturiser

When it comes to my night time moisturiser I like to use a heavier cream to sleep in, to really hydrate and repair my skin whilst I’m in the land of nod. The Intensive Moisture balance is the perfect consistency for me. It restores lipid balance to dry, depleted skin for optimal barrier performance and is clinically proven to nourish 10 layers of the skin. I apply a generous amount but you can apply less of this cream if you want to use it in the day under makeup!

I love the way my skin looks in the morning after using this, so youthful and smooth and it really works at keeping my dry skin at bay. It also has Hyaluronic acid in which my skin reacts really well with which is a well known ingredient to lock in moisture! Seriously if you have dry skin look into this!

This costs £68 for 100ml

I definitely recommending checking out the rest of their products, they have something for every skin type and skin complaint!

Have you ever tried anything from Dermalogica? Would you be interested in my full skin routine? Let me know in the comments below!

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Charlotte Tilbury First Impressions: A flawless base?

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I hope you survived Monday, I’m back today with a very exciting review of some base products from luxury high end brand Charlotte Tilbury. If you follow her on Instagram you will know how gorgeous her makeup is for the models on runway and celebrities for award shows etc. She always uses her own products which are available for us normal folk to buy, I’m game for any chance to look more like Bella Hadid!

Disclaimer– This post contains affiliate links but as always opinions are honest and my own.

I picked up the Hollywood Flawless Filter, Magic Foundation, Magic Away Concealer & Genius Loose Powder.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

To start the base, and the product I was most excited to try was the Hollywood Flawless Filter, this is marketed as a ‘complexion booster’ but has multiple functions such a primer and luminzer and skin tint. I’m all about that dewy skin since I have dry skin myself so this was right up my street. The packaging is absolutely stunning, luxurious and it feels high end. You apply using a large doe foot applicator by swiping on your face. This comes in 7 shades, 1 fair through to 7 dark as it does give the skin a little tint and and that’s where the ‘filter’ comes in.

I found this super easy to blend out using the warmth of my fingers to really press the product in, this left me with a fresh, dewy soft focus look to my skin and my pores and fine lines had been blurred. I’ve also tried this with a few of my other foundations and it makes them look so damn flawless and keeps me looking dewy all day which I love. If you have oily skin than this product won’t be for you sadly but if you have combination, dry or normal skin than give it a go! This is pricey at £30 for 30ml but I will definitely be buying this again when this runs out! Hello new favourite primer!

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

Moving on to the the foundation I picked the Magic foundation because it was recommend as the foundation for higher coverage. This comes in a beautiful frosted glass bottle with copper detailing and it comes with a easy to use pump. This foundation comes in 20 shades ranging from a pale 0 fair to a deep 12 dark. I picked up the shade 3 fair which suits my pale skin with yellow undertones. This offers a semi matte finish.

I always test foundations with a beauty sponge and a buffing brush to see what works better. I found a brush gives more coverage and finish as the sponge just soaked up all the product and I ended up having to use more. I then gently go over my face with the sponge to make it look even more seamless. I would say this foundation offers a medium coverage so if you have acne or spots then a heavier duty concealer will be needed to spot conceal. This finish is so dreamy, a my skin but better look without looking cakey. It also has collagen in it that reduces the appearance of age spots and acne!.

I wore this on my face for around 9 hours and it still looked amazing by the time I took it off, with the exception of a small amount of wear around my nose but I don’t ever touch up throughout the day. This costs £32 for 30ml and I will definitely be restocking this in a darker shade for the summer when my skins more tanned and I want a little less coverage!

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Liquid Concealer

To conceal my dark circles and a few spots I had on my cheek I opted for the Magic Away concealer, again as it was the highest coverage concealer on offer. This comes in 16 different shades and I picked up the shade 2 fair. Keeping with the rose gold theme the packaging is as equally luxurious and comes in a twist up tube with a sponge applicator on the top, with a window on the front so you can see how much product is left.

I found the applicator super easy to figure out and apply, it applies a generous amount of product so go careful how many twists you do to pump the product into the sponge. I found this super easy to blend out by either using my fingers or a beauty sponge. It has a thick creamy consistency and it covered what I wanted it to blemish wise but not as high coverage as I was hoping for to conceal my hereditary dark circles, so a colour corrector will be needed in future! I did find that this concealer creased on me throughout the day but that could be that I didn’t set it with enough powder or that the powder I used wasn’t the best but I will continue to try different methods (Baking, different Loose powders) to make this work for me as it cost me £24!

Charlotte Tilbury Genius Loose Powder

To set my base I picked up the Genius Loose Powder as I prefer a dusting of loose powder than a pressed one. This is available in three shades fair, medium & dark. This comes in a standard plastic sifter jar but has the most extravagant design in the lid! It has a twist on lid to keep the product from escaping, I do find it quite hard to actually get the powder out so I can see myself taking the sifter part out so I can just dip in!

This powder is light diffusing to help blur imperfections whilst setting your makeup in place with a matte finish. It has a pleasant scent of rose which I enjoy. The texture of this powder is extremely finely milled with a very soft feel to it. Although it is marketed to give you a matte finish it also offers you a slight brightening effect thanks to it being slightly shimmered. This looks amazing under the eye, especially on my blue toned dark circles!

Wear wise, as you have read above I’m not sure if it was the lack of setting power or the concealer that caused bad creasing under my eye, in general though I love the brightening effect this gives and it sets the rest of my face in place without it clinging to my dry patches! This costs £33 for 13g.

What do you think of this look? Was it worth selling my organs to be able to afford it? Let me know in the comments below!

I will also have a video up applying these products on my Instagram soon so don’t forget to follow for extra content!

Thanks for reading, stay golden!

Beauty Bay EYN Bright Eyeshadow Palette. Swatches & Eye Look

Hello beauty fam!

How has your weekend been? You would have seen by the header image that today’s post is going to be super exciting. I got my hands on a new eyeshadow palette through the post at the start of last week and wanted to swatch and play with it straight away!

If you’re a lover of makeup then you have probably placed an order from Beauty Bay at some point, they stock items that are mostly available to the US and would cost UK residents a fortune to ship over so it’s a great way to get items without spending out on the customs! They have recently started making their own makeup products including this gorgeous Brights palette that I’ll be talking about today.


To start I want to comment on the size of this palette, bigger is definitely better in this scenario *wink* and you will find the pans easy to dip into thanks to their generous size. I love the holographic inside too, it definitely compliments the ‘bright’ theme of this palette. I love a palette with a mirror and this has a large one that’s sturdy and of great quality!


This palette contains 42 bright and fun rainbow hued shades which consist of 25 mattes and 17 shimmers. So many looks can be created with just this one palette.


I have to admit I am always really nervous about how bright colours are going to perform especially some of the really potent colours. Most I’ve tried are either really chalky or very opaque looking. I was pleasantly surprised to find the mattes very smooth which made them easy to swatch and blend out along with a powerful eye catching pigment! The same can be said for the shimmers in this palette, buttery, packed with pigment and easy to use, I like to apply shimmers by patting them on for more control and pigment.


  • White Lies – Snow white matte
  • Angel Cake – Pink beige shimmer
  • Bare Necessity – Dusty beige matte
  • Preppy Pecan – Brown matte
  • Platinum – Silver shimmer
  • Threat – Dark grey matte
  • Illicit – Black matte

  • Candid Candyfloss – Light pink shimmer
  • Tutu – Baby pink matte
  • Sweet Escape – Rosy pink shimmer
  • Tutti Frutti – Salmon pink matte
  • Flamingo – Bubble gum pink shimmer
  • Make Them Wink – Hot pink matte
  • Dragonfruit – Blushing pink matte

  • Just Peachy – Peachy matte
  • Tangerine Dream – Orange matte
  • Orange Soda – Orange shimmer
  • Heat Wave – Vibrant orange matte
  • Cherryade – Bright red shimmer
  • Hot Stuff – Bright red matte
  • Head Over Heels – Cranberry matte

  • Rise & Shine – Lime green shimmer
  • Bumble Bee – Golden yellow shimmer
  • Hello Sunshine – Bright yellow matte
  • Frosted Lime – Vibrant lime green shimmer
  • Granny Smith – Fern green matte
  • Oasis – Sea green matte
  • Labyrinth – Dark green matte

  • Daydream – Teal matte
  • Lagoon – Teal shimmer
  • Paradise – Arctic blue matte
  • Splash – Bright blue shimmer
  • Riviera – Deep blue shimmer
  • Sapphire – Purple blue matte
  • Stormy Night – Navy blue matte

  • Fairytale – Light purple shimmer
  • Sugar Plum – True purple (matte base with subtle glitter flecks)
  • Wisteria – Grape (matte base with subtle glitter flecks)
  • Spontaneous – Violet shimmer
  • Modern Way – Iris matte
  • Amethyst – Blue toned purple shimmer
  • Drama Queen – Deep purple matte


This palette costs an amazing £23 which is incredible considering how many pigmented eyeshadows it includes. I will be getting so much use out of this palette over the spring and summer! This can be found here.

What do you think of this palette? What’s your favourite colour from this? Let me know in the comments below!

Rainbow prism using shades ‘hot stuff, heat wave, hello sunshine, Granny Smith, make them wink, modern way & paradise’

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Let’s Talk Makeup Trends: Water Colour Eyes

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I hope you’re having a great week, it’s been a super busy one for me! I’m back with a new post and hopefully the start of something really exciting! I will be starting a new series on here where I talk about current makeup trends, either in social media, fashion, cat walks and movies and testing them out myself! I love any chance to get creative so I’m super excited to do this!

Today’s topic is a look thats been seen on many catwalks from designers such as Erdem, Esteban Cortazar and Eckhaus Latta. This look is centred around artistic water colours, with the eyes being your canvas, to create the dreamiest trend.

Eckhaus Latta Fall 2019 show. Photo: Imaxtree (New York Fashion Week)

Esteban Cortazar Spring 2019 fashion show

This is such a fun take on bright colourful eyes that you usually see as the weather gets warmer and it’s the perfect way to wear a bit of colour this spring/summer. Think sheer pastel colours such as baby blues, pinks, yellows and don’t be afraid to dabble with white too!

If a huge amount of colour isn’t your thing but you want to brighten up your look, try using a coloured liner for a fun wing and a contrasting colour for your waterline.

For this look I used a water based face and body paint kit from eBay. They’re are so many fun eyeshadows, paints, creams and liners on the market. I recommend NYX and Colourpop for bright colours!

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What do you think of this makeup trend? Will you be trying it? Let me know in the comments below!

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Spring Skin: Smoked Browns & Faux Freckles

Hello beauty fam!

It seems that the weather is changing in the UK and it’s very welcome after a dreary winter. I want that good lighting and some Vitamin D from the sun please! I’ve started to think about spring makeup which for me means more natural dewy looking skin and freckles (I sadly don’t have any so I have to fake it).

Keeping the base super light and using less foundation and just colour correcting and spot concealing the places that it’s needed such as under eyes etc. I’ve also opted for using liquid lipstick on the eye lids instead of eyeshadow and I’m obsessed, it takes more time to blend but the finish is so skin like it’s stunning!

Disclaimer- This post contains affiliate links but all opinions are as always, honest and my own.

Products used:





You can find a video tutorial on this look up on my Instagram, don’t forget to follow for lots more exciting content!

What’s your favourite product in your spring make up routine? Let me know in the comments below.

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Makeup Revolution Base First Impressions

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I hope you’re enjoying your week, I’m back today to review a few base products from the affordable brand Makeup Revolution.

Admittedly I have already tried the concealer and love it but chose the wrong shade at the time. I picked up the new Conceal & Confine foundation and concealer as well as a eye primer and banana setting powder. I love a affordable brand and each of today’s items were under £10 each which is incredible compared to £20+ price tags that higher end price their base products, so I was praying that I loved these!

Disclaimer- This post contains affiliate links, as always reviews are honest and my own.

Revolution Conceal & Define foundation

Starting off with the foundation which I was most keen to try as I love the concealer in this range so was hoping the coverage would be just as good. The packaging is identical to the concealer except the fact it’s a much bigger and thicker bottle with the biggest applicator I’ve ever seen. The large doe foot applicator made it super easy to apply, I then tried blending with a beauty sponge and a buffing brush. The brush side had much more coverage but the sponge side had a much better finish, so I’ve found that using a brush to get the coverage first then lightly patting it with a damp beauty sponge works best for a flawless finish. This has a medium coverage that can easily be built to full without caking and dries down to a demi matte finish that is super light feeling on the skin. I wore this for 10 hours in total and I did find it started breaking up on my nose and lip area after 4 hours wear which isn’t normally a issue for me. This foundation comes in a amazing 50 shades and costs £9 for 23 ml

I give this a 7/10 (because it broke up around my nose fairly quick)

Revolution Conceal & Define Supersize concealer

Next up and the next step I follow for my base, is the Conceal & Define concealer which has been available for quite some time now and has been named the dupe (if not better) of the Tarte Shapetape concealer. They now make it in the supersize version which has 13g of product! I love the coverage of this, it’s a full coverage concealer that blends out beautifully with a damp beauty sponge and gives the most flawless finish to my under eyes. It makes short works of my dark circles and most importantly it doesn’t crease on me! This concealer comes in 24 shades and costs £7

I give this 10/10 as I have nothing bad to say about this concealer.

(Foundation shade ‘F4.5’, Concealer shade ‘C4, Eye primer, Stick foundation as contour shade ‘F13 and banana powder)

Revolution Fast Base foundation

Carrying on with contour I picked up the Fast Base Foundation in the darker shade ‘F13’ to warm up the look and create depth to my face. I’ve been using foundation that’s darker recently as I like how skin like it looks with the rest of my makeup. The twist up stick makes it easy to apply under the cheek bones, down the nose and forehead.You have to use this with a light hand however as this is very pigmented and you don’t want to end up looking muddy. I love the creamy formula that helps it blend into the skin easily. This costs £5 for 6.2g.

I give this 10/10 because both the formula and pigment is incredible!

Revolution Luxury Banana baking powder

I picked up one of their baking powders that is blatant copy of one of my favourites ( The Ben Nye Luxury powder) and I picked this up in the banana shade as I’ve been wanting to try banana powder for ages for the brightening effects. Unfortunately this was my least favourite product of the five. The colour was brightening under the eye but it was just far too dry to wear in that area or on any part of my face. I already have dry skin and this just made my base look so parched, it wasn’t pretty! This may be something that oily skinned girls would appreciate more! Costing £5 for 42g.

I give this a 2/10 as it did have the brightening effect that was desired but I really hated the finish!

Revolution Prime & Lock eye primer

Lastly I wanted to include the new eye primer that I picked up, I usually just use a concealer as a base before eyeshadow but had heard lots of great things about this one. It has a thick consistency and blends into the lid easily and creates a smooth canvas. After setting with a translucent powder I found that my eyeshadows blended so much easier, have stronger pigment and lasted longer. This costs £6 for 6ml.

I give this a 10/10 as I love how pigmented this made even my poor eyeshadows and it’s super cheap!

Have you tried any of these products? How did they work for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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